Case History

Breaking News: Supreme Court Decision on R vs Smith

We are thrilled to announce that the Supreme Court decision in R v Smith was a unanimous victory for the rights of medical cannabis patients in Canada. The decision can be read here: Supreme Court of Canada upholds acquittal of B.C. man who baked marijuana cookies for compassion via @georgiastraight — NORMLWomenCanada (@NORML_CWA)...

Garber et al. v. Canada: Victory for BC Medical Cannabis Patient’s Rights

Today, October 2, 2015, the BC Supreme Court issued an injunction, covering 4 medical cannabis patients, that permits them to continue to produce under the terms of their MMAR licensing, and does not contain the 150g possession limit set out in the MMPR.

Allard decision: Victory for Medical Cannabis Patients as MMPR Declared Invalid

Today in an historic decision the Federal Court of Canada determined that section 7 of the Charter was violated by the government’s implementation of the MMPR. The MMPR were declared invalid and that declaration suspended for 6 months to allow the government to respond legislatively. More analysis will follow. Congratulations and appreciation to all involved...

In Honour of Gayle Quin

Yesterday we lost Gayle Quin, a true heroine and peaceful warrior for cannabis freedom.

Cannabis Culture to intervene in interprovincial trade hearing at the Supreme Court of Canada

Tousaw Law Corporation is acting for Cannabis Culture and Jodie Emery who are intervening on behalf of cannabis business owners across Canada who may be deeply impacted by the Supreme Court’s ruling in the case of Gerard Comeau, a New Brunswick retiree who is charged with breaching a Provincial liquor control Act. The case calls...
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