Medical Cannabis Compliance

Successful Cross-Appeal to Allow Medical Cannabis Patients Across Canada to Continue Their Home Gardens

Federal Court of Appeal dismisses government appeal in the national test case Allard et al v. Her Majesty the Queen. Medical cannabis patients across Canada are permitted to continue their home gardens. We were also successful in our cross-appeal and the Court has sent the case back down to the trial level for possible broadening...

Medical-Marijuana License Holders and Cannabis Extracts

In [April] 2012, we won a trial court decision allowing medical cannabis patients in British Columbia to possess concentrates…this ruling was appealed and the case is scheduled to enter the Supreme Court of Canada on March 20. But for the time being, medical-marijuana license holders are permitted to possess cannabis extracts.

Tousaw Law Corporation Arguing in Supreme Court of Canada

On Friday, March 20, the Supreme Court of Canada will hear the first case ever involving medical cannabis (marihuana). Owen Smith, a producer of cannabis-based medicine for a Victoria, BC based compassion club known as the Cannabis Buyers Club of Canada (CBC of C), was criminally charged with possessing THC for the purpose of trafficking...

Full Text of Kirk Tousaw’s Speech at City Hall’s Public Hearing on the Regulation of Medical Cannabis Dispensaries in Vancouver

Good evening. Thank you for the opportunity to speak. My name is Kirk Tousaw of the Tousaw Law Corporation and I practice law almost exclusively in the area of cannabis and medicinal cannabis access and the Charter of Rights and Freedoms. I represent several dispensaries in Vancouver and across Canada. My Vancouver clients have been...

BC Court of Appeal victory in Garber et al v AG Canada

Today (Sep 16), the BC Court of Appeal rejected the Crown application for a stay in this case. The Garber et al v AG Canada case seeks an injunction preventing removal of our clients’ rights to personal production of cannabis, possession of a full 30-day supply and the ability to move one client’s storage site....

Garber et al. v. Canada: Victory for BC Medical Cannabis Patient’s Rights

Today, October 2, 2015, the BC Supreme Court issued an injunction, covering 4 medical cannabis patients, that permits them to continue to produce under the terms of their MMAR licensing, and does not contain the 150g possession limit set out in the MMPR.

In Honour of Gayle Quin

Yesterday we lost Gayle Quin, a true heroine and peaceful warrior for cannabis freedom.

A response to Vancouver Island Health Authority (Island Health) regarding cannabis edibles

This is a global response that I sent today setting out my views on Island Health's misguided and anti-health initiative.

Cannabis Culture factum for Supreme Court of Canada intervention on interprovincial trade hearing

Download the “Cannabis Culture factum for Supreme Court of Canada intervention on interprovincial trade hearing” PDF here. Table of Contents PART I – OVERVIEW AND FACTS, p1 OVERVIEW, p1 Proposed Provincial Cannabis Regulations, p3 Ontario’s proposed Cannabis Act, 2017 and Ontario Cannabis Retail Corporation Act, 2017, p3 Quebec’s proposed Bill 157, Loi constituent la societe...
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