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Tousaw Law Corporation Arguing in Supreme Court of Canada

On Friday, March 20, the Supreme Court of Canada will hear the first case ever involving medical cannabis (marihuana). Owen Smith, a producer of cannabis-based medicine for a Victoria, BC based compassion club known as the Cannabis Buyers Club of Canada (CBC of C), was criminally charged with possessing THC for the purpose of trafficking...

Breaking News: Supreme Court Decision on R vs Smith

We are thrilled to announce that the Supreme Court decision in R v Smith was a unanimous victory for the rights of medical cannabis patients in Canada. The decision can be read here: Supreme Court of Canada upholds acquittal of B.C. man who baked marijuana cookies for compassion via @georgiastraight — NORMLWomenCanada (@NORML_CWA)...

A response to Vancouver Island Health Authority (Island Health) regarding cannabis edibles

This is a global response that I sent today setting out my views on Island Health's misguided and anti-health initiative.
Tousaw Law Corporation